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Author, Activist, and Podcast Host Jami Greene

In March 2021, after much prayer and meditation, I began hosting the “Let’s Talk Destne” Talk Show, which is a weekly Talk Show where I Interview and talk with Guests who share their personal Journey to self-fulfillment and Purpose. When trying to determine the name of my Talk Show, my oldest Son reminded me of an organization that I founded years ago called, “Destne Enterprises” and then “Let’s Talk Destne” Talk Show was born. The spelling is an example of my uniqueness. I began this creative endeavor by Interviewing some phenomenal Mothers who shared their stories and experience with the “Gift of Motherhood” with my audience and I. I chose the Month of March to begin because that is the Month that my Mother transitioned into Eternity, ten years ago and I wanted to Honor her Memory. These Interviews/Conversation became the launching pad for the Talk Show.

Initially I was hesitant and I shared my thoughts and concerns with close family and friends, and was told unanimously, “Do it!” I hesitated because I was comparing my ideas and platform to others and decided that, compared to them, I wasn’t ready. Those close to me reminded me that my unique personality and spirit is what would draw both Guests and an audience. I can only be me, providing genuine and transparent content that inspires. Being transparent is my strength and it often illuminates a path for others to find and embrace their Purpose.

Jamesina Greene manages more than speaking engagements as the Founder & President of DESTNE Enterprises (an umbrella for other creative ventures); Jami Greene Ministries, Inc. (her Preaching & Teaching forum) and “A Mother’s Cry” a community-based outreach and advocacy organization whose mission is to support mothers and families affected by social injustices. Currently, “A Mother’s Cry” community endeavors include: Donations to a local Nursing Home; Adopting a Single Mother and her Children at a local Transitional Housing Facility for Mother’s Day; Adopting a family for Thanksgiving Dinner; Honoring Breast Cancer Survivors; Adopting a Family Christmas giving and Choosing two families to bless with groceries during the Pandemic Lockdown.

Jamesina began her journey of motivation and inspiration at the age of 17, when she became an Ordained Minister, Writer and Speaker, creating multiple forums and platforms on which to share her Faith. In addition, with years of Entrepreneurship under her belt, she is known as a Songwriter; Playwright; Published Author, BLOG Host and Talk Show Host.

Photo of the former guests of YouTube’s Let’s Talk Destne with host, Jami Greene.
Let’s Talk Destne YouTube Podcast


My latest endeavor is the ‘Let’s Talk Destne” Talk Show and I am beyond excited. Initially, I was concerned about not having top-quality equipment, superficial things like banners, professional lighting, etc., but then I was reminded that people tune into Shows for content, not banners, etc. So, I exhaled and got to work. Thus far, I have been so blessed to have Guests whose stories empower, enlighten and motivate my audience. Recently, I reached out to two of my favorite “celebrity-status” Authors and they both agreed to come to my Platform, without hesitation. After receiving their “Yes” I was speechless.

It is my heart’s desire to continue to provide this Platform to nudge people towards doing the work to recognizing and fulfilling their life’s Purpose. I am thrilled to see just how far I can go with this.


Honestly, once I moved past not having the high-tech equipment that I thought was necessary, the most challenging part for me was two-fold. One part was (and still is) my fear of forgetting something important about my Guests. I don’t talk about it outside of my family, but lately, I have increased issues with my memory. Emotionally, sometimes it causes anxiety because several family members died with complications from Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Sometimes I worry about that. The other part is, probably in conjunction with the first part, I sometimes do not speak as clearly and fluently as I would like. I think clear speech is important for a Talk Show host, so that was something that I had to push through to launch.


I create a “Theme” for each Month and I design questions around that Theme. However, I don’t always use those questions, depending on the Guest. As soon as a Guest commits to the Show, I request a Brief BIO and a picture. I study the BIO when I receive it and highlight things that I want to be sure to talk about. Also, I write down questions; insights; concerns, etc.that I think are unique to each Guests. Before I even began the Show, I made the decision not to ask other people for their opinion about the Show’s format.


Honestly, there are several who have left me feeling the “wow” and I end the Show and cry. I think the one that stands out the most and grabbed my heart the longest, was my conversation with Chantay West, I June 2021. That particular segment was about “Honoring Fathers who are Absent” and the impact that his absence has on the daughter left behind. Actually, I had two different amazing Guests who shared their experiences with absentee fathers, but Chantay’s was different because she so vividly shared her healing journey still continues.

This topic intrigued me because I have no personal experience with this concept. I lost my Father at age 49, but I had a very close and intimate with him all of those years. So, I want to hear and feel her shared experience. As an Empath, I still feel her pain, even as I answer this question.



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