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Unbreakable by Erica Dion Wilson

Meet Cydnee Campbell. She is a bright and beautiful real estate agent who thought she was happy with her life just the way it was. On her 34th birthday, Cydnee starts feeling like something is missing and wonders if it is time for her to settle down. She has her best girlfriends, Miranda, Maiya and Savanna, and enjoys the relationship she shares with all of them, but some things just can’t be fulfilled by girlfriends.

She hasn’t had the best of luck with relationships. She has trust issues stemming from the rocky relationship she had with her mother before her parents passed away, so she tends to choose men who are broken in some way.

Cydnee ends up in the hospital and meets Edward. She immediately feels a connection with him, but given her history with men, she tries to steer clear.

Her girls encourage her to give love a try. They assure her that they will be there for her no matter what.

She tips her toes into the whirlwind that is love, with steamy results.

Will Edward be the one who changes everything for Cydnee? Or will she allow her fears ruin yet another relationship?

You are cordially invited to get lost in the world of Cydnee and her girls. Unbreakable is just the beginning.

Cydnee rolled over in her bed, relieved that she had remembered to set her coffee pot to automatically brew. She loved the smell of coffee, and waking up to it made all the proper brain cells light up, ensuring a productive day. She also had a thing for coffee mugs. They had to be deep, uniquely shaped, with a handle wide enough for all her fingers to fit through.

So, while she lay in bed contemplating which mug she would choose by sorting through the kitchen cabinet telepathically, her phone rang. Checking the caller ID, she saw that it was her sister-friend, Maranda. She’s the only one of her friends who would be up this early, probably enjoying her own cup of coffee before getting ready for work.

“Girl, whatchu doin’?”

“Just laying here in bed trying to decide which coffee mug to use.”

“How are you deciding from your bed?” she giggled.

“I’m using my powers of photographic memory to see the mugs!” Cydnee didn’t have photographic memory. Not even close.

Maranda laughed. “Anyway, Crazy, I’m calling to see if you have plans after work tonight. We want to take you out for your birthday!”

We meant the third part of our crew, Maiya. Maranda and Maiya had known each other for what seemed like a hundred years. They’d adopted Cydnee about fifteen years ago, though it seemed to her that they had all been friends the whole hundred. Cydnee had dropped out of college and she met them when she became a teller at the bank where they worked.

She was a few years younger than they were, but they still had so much fun when they were together. They were the sisters she’d always wanted, but had never had before now. Although, Cydnee always felt like she’d had a twin or something. Like a piece of her was missing.

When she was little, she would look for the first star to show up in the night sky so she could make a wish. She’d close her eyes tight and say, “Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.”

Nearly every night, she would go to a window, if she wasn’t outside, and make her wish. It was always the same. She wished for a sister.

Her wish was doubly granted when she met Maranda Lewis and Maiya Salazar. Maranda, so sweet, with perfectly mocha-colored skin, long beautiful hair, gorgeous face, and supermodel height, was the mama of the group. She always gave the best advice, and kept everyone in line. Being a psychologist probably helped.

Maiya is cute, short — even in stilettos, which she wears on every occasion, curly-wavy, brown hair that hung past her shoulders, and boy, was she sassy. That girl was always ready to tell off someone who crossed her. Fiery Latina perfectly describes her. And as a freelance photographer, she took the most gorgeous pictures.

Cydnee has always described herself as average. Average height, average hair, though the changes she often makes to her hair, are above average. She was constantly adding hair, taking away hair, dyeing her hair, shaving her head. You never knew what you were gonna get.

Cydnee was very light-skinned, especially in the winter. She was teased about that, and so many other things in elementary school, and it made her self-conscious. She is always on a quest to get darker with annual trips to the beach.

Cydnee loved to get everyone going and keeping them laughing, which was her plan at her birthday dinner tonight.

“You know I am down for all things birthday, girl! When and where?”

“I don’t know, yet. I’ll talk to Maiya and let you know.”

“Okay! Have a good day! Byeee!”

“Bye, Silly.”

Returning to her process of mentally choosing a coffee mug, she finally decided on the one that reads Princess. Pink with gold letters, it felt appropriate with it being a day of celebration for this self-proclaimed princess. Cydnee was turning thirty-four. A perfect age. No kids, great job, beautiful, yet modest home.

Most days, Cydnee was happy with everything about her life, but there were also days that she did wish she had someone to be with when she came home. Married, maybe even a child or two. She had dated a few guys, but nothing panned out. She had casually dated in her twenties, then settled down a while back with a guy she ended up living with for three years.

She had never lived with anyone before, and Cydnee was very naive, especially when it came to men. It didn’t help that his looks were straight out of a men’s underwear ad. Danté Williams was just under six feet tall, which was perfect for Cydnee, who was five feet, five inches. His hair was cut into a low fade that connected to a full beard that was closely shaven and perfectly outlined. His smile could launch a thousand ships and his body was muscular, but not too much.

After about a year or so, Cydnee began to notice some disturbing behaviors. He would come home late, or leave in the middle of the night when he thought Cydnee had fallen asleep. When he logged onto Facebook, he’d position his body so she that Cydnee couldn’t see his phone. He began getting text messages at strange times. Anytime Cydnee would ask him about anything, Danté always had a plausible reason. And she believed him, even though alarm bells were ringing in her head, and red flags were popping up all over the place.

He would push all her buttons until she was in a rage, then laugh at her and ask her what was wrong. Danté constantly accused her of cheating, when she could literally account for every second of her day, while he could be doing anything, anywhere with no accountability.

She ignored them, of course, telling herself that she could trust him. Believing him when he said she was crazy. Cydnee made excuses for him until she couldn’t any longer. He eventually showed his true colors. The subtle shades of controlling, emotionally abusive, and cheating.

When she thought about that fiasco, she thought, No thank you. I’ll take the single life for $500, Bob, mimicking a game show contestant. It still took two more years of shit, but she finally loved herself enough to leave. By then, she was a successful real estate agent and could afford to purchase a home, which is what she did. And she enjoyed being single.

But now she was thinking about him. She didn’t like thinking about him. Her first love — she thought it was love, anyway. Cydnee’s mind went back to the last time they’d made love, though at the time, she didn’t know it would be their last. It was good. The sex was always good. He had come home one night and was very touchy-feely. Almost like when they had first started dating, but strangely different. A little aggressive. He sneaked up behind her at the kitchen sink and began kissing her neck.

“Did you have a good day?” Cydnee asked, silently wondering why he was being so amorous.

He didn’t respond, but led her into their bedroom, moving his kisses to her mouth, chin and back to her neck. She wanted to get into it, but it had been so long since he had been this way with her. He threw her down onto the bed and started removing her shirt, kissing his way down her neck to her breasts. Her nipples were hard as a rock in anticipation of his tongue dancing around them. And he did not disappoint. The warmth of his mouth made her suck in her breath. His teeth grazed her nipples as he suckled them, one after the other. She was so wet in her center. Pulling up her skirt, he moved lower and lower, tasting her flesh, leaving a trail of wet kisses until, at last, he found that elusive spot. Cydnee thought she would lose her mind. Moaning, twisting, she gently grabbed his head so he wouldn’t move. His mouth and tongue went wild, kissing and sucking until she exploded, crashing back to earth from the other world he had just taken her.

Catching her breath, she reached for him, pulling him up so she could take off his jeans. His excitement met her as she released it from its prison.“Now, Danté! Please!” He liked to hear her beg.

He flipped her over and took her from behind, plunging deeper into her with every thrust until he climaxed, falling on top of her.

“Damn it!” Cydnee thought. “I hate when he invades my thoughts.” She’d found out later that he had been unfaithful for almost all of their relationship. Jerk. I need a shower,” she said to no one.

Erica Dione Wilson is a self-proclaimed funny girl, who expresses her comedic genius through blogging, YouTubing, and of course, creating worlds in her novels.

She enjoys spending time with her three grown children, one little, and her grandchildren.

She makes her home and her magic in the cornfields of Indiana.

Tell us more about your latest release, “Unbreakable”?

Unbreakable was so fun to write! I actually have a circle of unbelievable girlfriends who are supportive, brutally honest, but supportive beyond measure. Unbreakable is a story about a young woman named Cydnee who experiences a series of losses, but eventually her luck changes. It is also about the love and unbreakable bond that true friendship and true love brings.

Emotionally, what was the most challenging part of writing this book?

Anytime I wrote about Cydnee’s dad, I found myself extremely emotional, since, just like Cydnee, I lost my parents a few years ago and I was very close to my dad.

Tell us more about your characters in this book?

Cydnee is a fun-lovng, silly young woman who tries to find the postive in almost every situation.

Miranda is the ‘mom’ of the group. She is the oldest and keeps everyone in line. She is definitely the most honest and not afraid to share said honesty.

Maiya is the fiery latina, who is religious and definitely not a morning person.

Savanna is Cydnee’s boss at the real estate agency who becomes one of Cydnee’s girls in the story.

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

The characters are loosely based on real life people, with dramatic license freely taken. I interview and research a lot of the information. It depends on what I am writing about. I have a lot of useless knowledge packed into my brain, and I retrieve it quite often, as well.

How did you create the characters?

I just added lots of fiction to real life people.

What made you put pen to paper and write a book?

I have always loved to write. I knew in third grade when we had a book writing assignment, that I would eventually write a ‘real’ book.

In my adulthood, I have always been a do everything at once kind of girl, until I was diagnosed with MS in 2016. That was a true life changer. It put me flat on my back (quite literally) and allowed me the time I needed to actually start writing. I started with a blog, then progressed into a short story and now, Unbreakable, my first full-length novel.

Are they based on real people?

Loosely, but yes.

Will there be any more stories with Cydnee and her girls?

Yes! I am working on the next book, Unspoken. It is Miranda’s story, but Cydnee makes appearances in it. Each of the girlfriends has her own story to tell, so buckle in for a nice, long ride!

Do you have any other published books?

I do! My first published work is a non-fiction short story entitled 62 Days. It is available on Amazon as well. Here’s a link to the paperback and e-book

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