Being Creative in the New Normal

What has ingrained into my soul had suddenly ceased to exist. The creation of new worlds and inescapable truths had become a lost battle cry. For years, I’ve grown accustomed to pounding the keyboard at any given moment. Now, I’m silenced. Yet, here I am, writing why I can’t write. Trying to decipher whether it is a writer’s block, or worse.

Then COVID interrupted life. Everyone’s life.

As an introvert, I looked forward to home life. Social distancing from individuals for the sake of health and creativity. While the world heals, I can write. I didn’t mind how long it took as long as I could be productive doing what I love. It sounded great, initially. Then, the unfortunate turn with the health crisis. The job loss. Lives lost. Our mental health. The uncertainty. Every day. Every single day we’re living on “thoughts and prayers”.

But, my writing.

The thought of it sounds selfish, I know. Here I am worried about creating my next book while lives have been changed because of COVID. Many don’t know where their next meal will come from. Or how long their unemployment checks will last. Or when they could return to do the most basic things we took for granted, like a warm hug. Life, so far in 2020, has been a cruel motherfucker.

Still, we go on, fighting through this unprecedented masquerade — an unseen force that has halted the globe. We go on for the sake of our families. Our livelihood. Our dignity. Our present and future. Most of all, we go on for our strength to overcome a lack of leadership and empathy from higher places. Meticulously, as we live in this “new normal”, we just go on.

But, again, my writing.

I’ve been told to ride this — whatever “this” is, perhaps a writer’s block — to ride it out and allow inspiration to take its course. Like nature, except I can redirect my seasons. I can see any glass half-full and still make the best of it. In these times, resiliency is a superpower. We should not be enslaved by fear within a broken system that only sees wealth and privilege as division. Our destinies should not be determined by a few individuals. Even pandemics.

Throughout history, humanity had rebounded from challenging consequences. So, as the new ancestors, it’s our sole responsibility to make this “new normal” an inventive one. Never look back since our legs aren’t designed for walking backward, yet find innovative ways to discover your hidden talents, your inner-hustle. The best escape from these arduous times is to create a new yes.

And, yes, my writing. Because, like you, I have talents to share. Like you, the mighty beast of my inner-hustle is ready to explode. Like any successful entrepreneur, they see failure as stern teachers. Yet, this pandemic has exposed ugly personalities where we have to believe them. It also exposed a myriad of capabilities of the human spirit. This new normal will soon be normal. So, we have to go on — not just for ourselves but for hundreds of thousands who, unfortunately, didn’t.

And, my writing. Well, I just found it.

Founder of Necé and Company Publications and the author of the book, Zion's Road. Music lover. An avid believer in equality.